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JBW Studio – Lighted Duck Egg Diorama “Hey Diddle Diddle II”


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Inside the space provided by real eggshells, artist J. Brooke Patterson of Oakland, CA creates dioramas using a variety of materials and methods. Painting media include oils, acrylic, watercolor, and ink. The miniature sculptural figures are mostly made using clays and resins, and these are subsequently altered in some way, with painting or embellishment to create the appropriate form and texture. Papers and fabrics are used, as well as wood, metal, natural and found materials. The eggshells are strengthened with many layers of gesso, paint & varnish, depending on design, and all scenes are enclosed behind custom-cut glass. Each diorama comes in a silk-lined gift box, along with an ornament hanger and a description. “Hey Diddle Diddle II” is a lighted diorama with an on/off switch at back and also comes with an extra battery.

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